Maple Creek Landworks LLC is an Outdoor Living Contractor located in Lebanon, NH servicing theĀ Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. We specialize in taking your backyard, or any part of your yard and making it an outdoor living environment. Whether you want to just put in a short brick paver walkway or completely upgrade your outdoor living area with a fire pit, waterfall, or an outdoor kitchen, we are more than up to the task. We are a start to finish company, meaning we do not hire out certain aspects of our work. It will be our people and our equipment on your job, the whole time. Our main disciplines are decorative concrete and in ground pools, but we handle all aspects of landscape design and implementation. So if you just want a design, great, or if you want the whole kit and caboodle, great we are here to serve you.

The quality that we bring to the table is not the only thing that sets us apart, it is our commitment to you the customer. Our commitment is to create a lasting relationship built on trust. We want you to know that when it comes to your yard and the dreams that you have for it we have you covered. We stand ready to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. So give us a call and let us get to know you.